Excerpt from Wired: The Patent System is Not Broken


November 13, 2012
Innovation Alliance

Wired Magazine is currently running a series of opinion pieces on the issue of patent system reform. Last week, a piece titled "With All Due Respect: The Patent System’s Not Broken" by IBM’s Manny Schecter argued that patents are healthy for innovation and the economy. Here’s a short excerpt:

"But here’s the thing: Patent disputes like this are a natural characteristic of a vigorously competitive industry.

And they’re nothing new: Similar skirmishes have historically occurred in areas as diverse as sewing machines, winged flight, agriculture, and telegraph technology. Each marked the emergence of incredible technological advances, and each generated similar outcries about the patent system.

If anything, patent skirmishes demonstrate the value that competing companies place on the innovations in their marketplaces.”

What do you think? Do you agree with Schecter? We will be following the debate closely through our blog and Twitter. Join us using the hashtag #patenttruth.


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